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About publication of disciplinary measure

December 28, 2017

About publication of disciplinary measure


As we performed disciplinary measure of the staff as follows, we announce by rule of summary Article 2 about publication standards such as disciplinary measures for the Haebaru-cho staff.



Disciplinary measure. pdf(37.1KBytes)



About disgraceful affair of the staff (apology)


 The Honcho staff drove a car under the influence of alcohol, and arrested case occurred.

 About drink-driving in particular, we were careful over and over again until now.

 Such a thing that drink-driving case produced inside thinks in regret.

We will harm trust and sincerely apologize to townsmans.

 Each staff will be aware of responsibility as overall server deeply more than before in future,

As the Haebaru-cho staff who maintains outlook on high ethic as public employee, and is trusted by townsman

It becomes staff bullet and will try to act for trust recovery of townsmans.


                             December 28, 2017

                             Mayor of Haebaru Shiroma toshiyasu


General Administration Division
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