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March, 2018 issue "bragging about public information"

February 26, 2018



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Contents, entry
PDF file

■We enter by escort of 4 Nagoya Grampus boy soccer teams in the town block

 March, 2018 issue -01.pdf(1.24MBytes)
02-03 pages

■Guidance of Haebaru mayoral election

■Land, house price about general inspection of general inspection account book

■It is reshuffling time of nation health insurance card.

 March, 2018 issue -02-03.pdf(1.22MBytes)
04-05 pages

■NEWS to brag about this

Run lunch interchange /;, as for receiving a prize / arakawa diamond mon district meeting championship / Okinawa child students, is commendation / tukazan tigane society tea party / lifelong learning, public hall festival / Haebaru product exhibition in south small, north hill small tree planting contest

■Idol of my home

 March, 2018 issue -04-05.pdf(1.88MBytes)
06-07 pages

■We had donation such as notebooks in modern times from art contribution to society club

■Guidance of specific medical examination

■About price of designated garbage bag revision

■Request of "Green Feather campaign donation"

 March, 2018 issue -06-07.pdf(1.23MBytes)
08-09 pages

■Let's learn "house of the child 110th"!

■To protectors of child going to nursery school out of the town out of the authorization

■Attendance at school support system

 March, 2018 issue -08-09.pdf(1.49MBytes)
10-11 pages

■Guidance of money of special condolence

■Adult guardianship system

■It is go elderly abuse-proof together

■Let's take out Mutual Aid Traffic Accident Insurance Plan

■Founding seminar

 March, 2018 issue -10-11.pdf(1.53MBytes)
12-13 pages

■About notice of medical expenses

■About the pension division at the time of divorce

■Crane and Takeshi original picture exhibition

■kugani concert

 March, 2018 issue -12-13.pdf(1.54MBytes)
14-15 pages

■Weather to brag about this

■Activity report of town woman society

■News from library

 March, 2018 issue -14-15.pdf(1.7MBytes)
16-17 pages

■Chestnut which there is information in

Recruitment of Haebaru-cho scholarship association loan straight offer / book start / consumption consultation counter / temporary part-time service staff / government official employment examination

■We had contribution to Cultural Center, choshakyo

■News from eco-center

■It is recruited the child classroom staff after school

■News from health, child care

 March, 2018 issue -16-17.pdf(1.6MBytes)
18-19 pages

■We brag about school support corps

 March, 2018 issue -18-19.pdf(1.33MBytes)
Page 20

■Nagoya Grampus spring camping is held!

 March, 2018 issue -20.pdf(1.22MBytes)
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