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Recruitment of 2018 Haebaru-cho Mix sports classroom participation applicants

March 28, 2018

It recruits participants of Haebaru-cho Mix sports classroom in 2018.



 We hold "Haebaru-cho Mix sports lesson" to be able to run everyday life that person with a disability and child with a disability became independent depending on individual ability and appropriateness and social life, and, through various exercise, person with obstacle is intended that person whom there is not aims at realization of community which can live together together, too.


2.Entrance fee: Free of charge


3.Contents: We perform cooperation exercise using rhythm exercises and tool done in group and individual.


4.Capacity: Around 40 (one having address in Haebaru-cho becomes given priority) ※As for the person who is interested in welfare administration, participation by volunteer is OK, too.


5.Application period: From Monday, April 2, 2018 to Friday, April 20, 2018


6.Application method: Apply by email or FAX after filling out Haebaru-cho Mix sports classroom participation application. 

Haebaru-cho Mix sports classroom participation application. xlsx(14.5KBytes)  


7.Schedule and time

Schedule. xlsx(10.3KBytes) 


8.Place: It is held in chimugukuru building (general health welfare Disaster Control Center) hall


9.Lecturer introduction: Ryukyu sports support formula HP http://ryukyuss.net


10. Scenery of sports classroom

Exercise scenery 1.jpg(124KBytes) motion scenery 2.jpg(125KBytes) motion scenery 3.jpg(316KBytes) motion scenery 4.jpg(60.4KBytes) 




chimugukuru building (Haebaru-cho synthesis health welfare Disaster Control Center)


Health welfare section
Pro-night / Kuniyoshi
Telephone: 098-889-4416
Facsimile: 098-888-1772