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2017 execution plan

March 12, 2018

What is execution plan?


 Execution plan showed business summaries to carry out concretely based on basic design and basic plan of the fifth Haebaru-cho comprehensive plan, and is guideline of compilation of the budget and business operation in degree and short-term plan that it is every year.

 Plan period is three years and we perform degree review every year and we consider from multidirectional point of view and devise emergency, the need, cost-effectiveness based on development policy about judgment of industrialization.


Constitution and period of comprehensive plan

   Comprehensive plan plan period and constitution. jpg 


       ■Haebaru-cho fifth comprehensive plan from this


2017 execution plan (plan of from 2019 to 2021)


 [collective downloading] ※It may take time

   2017 execution plan. pdf(6.17MBytes)

 [we download separately]

   00 covers, table of contents. pdf(158KBytes)

   Town to be excited about to make with thought, all with all 01. pdf(881KBytes)

   Town where person whom 02 wins shiningly is brought up. pdf(6.51MBytes)

   Town of 03 chimugukurudetomonitsukuru welfare and health. pdf(9.17MBytes)

   Town where industry is energetic by 04 invention and cooperation. pdf(2.66MBytes)

   Town of security, relief that 05 green and town harmonized with. pdf(6.26MBytes)

   06 environment and town livable beautifully which lives together. pdf(1.12MBytes)

   07 financial programs. pdf(2.98MBytes)


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