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Hometown tax (contribution) to Haebaru-cho

April 2, 2018

Hometown tax. JPG

Oldness and contribution 4.JPG 

 It is system to realize thought of tax payer called this in form called contribution.

 In Haebaru-cho "push forward town development in image together in the peaceful Koganeminami-style (koganehae) to make town future. As well as one living in Haebaru-cho, we gather contribution in form called "hometown contribution" in various places having you put hot thought to Haebaru-cho and, on the approach, embody the thought.


We started the presentation of Haebaru-cho special product in June, 2017 as return favor product to one that had you hold hometown tax (contribution).

But, based on notice of Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (total tax city 28th), we do not perform the return favor product presentation to resident in the town block. Thank you for your understanding.


We would like application for hometown tax (contribution) to Haebaru-cho from "oldness and choice Haebaru-cho page".

※When we do not hope for application by "oldness and choice", after checking "about the following hometown tax (contribution) application," I would like application with contribution application.


About inflection of donation from all of you

About inflection of donation, all of you conjugate in business that had you choose. Business to conjugate is as follows. In addition, it should be designated business that the mayor recognizes as need when there is not.


 (1) Education, culture, business about improvement of sports activity 
 (2) Business about health promotion of townsman and improvement of the welfare
 (3) Business about industrial promotion and the making of attractive sightseeing spot
 (4) Maintenance of natural environments and maintenance of scenery, business about reproduction
 (5) Business about promotion of town development activity by townsman
 (6) Business that the mayor recognizes as need for achievement of other purposes


About application for hometown tax (contribution)

As a general rule, the amount of contribution per once should be 10,000 yen or more.


1.After filling out "contribution application," I would like presentation by mail, FAX, email.

  (when we apply by ※ "hometown choice", presentation is not necessary.)


2.We send "guidance document" and "payment notice" from Haebaru-cho.

  ※In the case of prefecture outside, we send payment notice for post office.

  ※The receipt of money is possible, but fee becomes donor burden by account transfer without using payment notice.

   (I will inform person in hope of account transfer designated account in document after the application reception desk.)


3.If "guidance document" and "payment notice" mentioned above arrive, I would like payment at financial institution window (in the case of outside the prefecture post office) of neighborhood.


4.After confirming payment, we issue donation receipt certificate from Haebaru-cho.

  As we are necessary when we receive tax subtraction in final income tax returns of the next year when we contributed, I would like storage carefully.


   Contribution application. rtf(85.9KBytes)Contribution application. pdf(77.2KBytes)


  ■Application presentation


   686, Kanegusuku, Haebaru-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa

   Haebaru-cho government office plan Finance Section (the third floor of the government office)

   TEL: 098-889-0187 FAX: 098-889-7657


About subtraction of income tax, residence tax

 As a general rule, in donations for Haebaru-cho, income tax and residence tax are subtracted to the constant ceiling about part more than 2,000 yen a year.

 In addition, report is necessary to receive application of donation subtraction from income tax and residence tax.

 You keep "donation receipt certificate" issued from Haebaru-cho carefully, and, in the case of report, please use.


 ■About tax credit by oldness and contribution (external link: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications self-government revenue agent HP)


Procedure (principle 1) .gif of hometown tax


About "hometown tax one stop exception system"

 "Hometown tax one stop exception system" was founded from April 1, 2015.

 Even if when salaried employees who do not perform final income tax return hold "hometown tax", this system does not perform final income tax return; donation subtraction of hometown tax

It is got system.

 As for the person whom this system is available to, it is only in one corresponding to two following requirements.

  (1) Being donor targeted for report exception to prescribe in Local Tax Law additional clause Article 7 Clause 1 (Clause 8)

    Final income tax return including one only for earned income or town, prefectural tax which does not have to declare

  (2) Being person corresponding to requirements to prescribe in Local Tax Law additional clause Article 7 Clause 2 (Clause 9)

    Age that it is anticipated that contribution is less than 5 groups to hold hometown tax

 We correspond to two requirements mentioned above, and person that the use of system is hoped for, please submit one stop exception system application to Haebaru-cho.

 ※When change occurs in application contents, please submit change notification form to (address, full name) by January 10 of the next year when you applied.

The one stop exception application mention point. pdf(88.9KBytes)One stop exception system application. pdf(233KBytes)

One stop exception system application (mention example) .pdf(491KBytes)Change notification form. pdf(222KBytes)

※From contribution after January 1, 2016, mention of personal number (my number) was necessary for application of one stop exception.

 Receiving application of one stop exception system when there are not mention of this personal number (my number) and attached submission of documents

 We cannot do it. For more details, please confirm the following documents.

About attached documents of identity verification. pdf(237KBytes) [mount for my number, identity verification documents presentation] .pdf(709KBytes)

Procedure (one stop) .gif of hometown tax


About the situation of donation

We are as follows about the situation of donation. (each year financial statements base)


 ■2008    One case     100,000 yen

 ■2009    0 cases           0 yen

 ■2010    One case     100,000 yen

 ■2011    Four cases     330,000 yen

 ■2012    Seven cases     405,000 yen

 ■2013    Seven cases     290,000 yen

 ■2014    Eight cases     470,000 yen

 ■14 2015     940,000 yen

 ■Ten 2016     750,000 yen

 ■2017 812 cases 14,894,008 yen


2008 oldness and the contribution situation. pdf(79.8KBytes)

2009 oldness and the contribution situation. pdf(118KBytes)

2010 oldness and the contribution situation. pdf(79.0KBytes)

2011 oldness and the contribution situation. pdf(83.5KBytes)

2012 oldness and the contribution situation. pdf(87.5KBytes)  

2013 oldness and the contribution situation. pdf(85.8KBytes)

2014 oldness and the contribution situation. pdf(187KBytes)

2015 oldness and the contribution situation. pdf(97.6KBytes)

2016 oldness and the contribution situation. pdf(61.5KBytes)

2017 oldness and the contribution situation. pdf(227KBytes)


Plan Finance Section
Plan statistics group
Telephone: 098-889-0187
Facsimile: 098-889-7657