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Guidance (City Council Secretariat) of each section

June 13, 2018

City Council Secretariat


Business content
City Council Secretariat
Thing about receipt, shipment, editing of 1 document and preservation.
Thing about storage of 2 official seals.
Thing about 3 ceremonies, association and service.
Thing about social position of 4 members of the Diet.
Thing about management of 5 assembly halls.
Thing about communication such as 6 public offices, group.
Thing about personnel affairs, salary, the public welfare of 7 staff and service.
Thing about 8 budgets and article.
Thing about 9 chairperson meetings, member of the Diet mutual aid and mutual help.
Thing about 10 plenary sessions.
Thing about the handling of 11 bills.
Thing about 12 decisions and notice of decision matter and report.
Thing about attendance seat of 13 members of the Diet.
Thing about hearing of 14 assemblies.
Thing about 15 Standing Committee.
Thing about 16 special committees.
Thing about 17 minutes.
Thing about 18 agendas and Assembly Steering Committee.
Thing about investigation into 19 laws and ordinances, regulations, rule, official regulations.
Thing about investigation into 20 bills, petition, petition.
Thing about collection of 21 documents and investigation.
Thing about maintenance of 22 library rooms and management.
23 assembly public information, thing about editing of collection of assembly-affiliated established regulation and others law document.
Thing about 24 or other general affairs, proceedings and the investigation public. 
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