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Guidance (agriculture committee) of each section

June 13, 2018

Agriculture committee


Business content
Agriculture committee
Thing about storage of 1 official seal.
Thing about management of 2 articles.
Thing about receipt, shipment, rearranging of 3 documents and editing.
Thing about meeting of 4 Committee.
Thing about making of the 5 Committee minutes and storage.
Thing about general affairs of 6 secretariat.
Thing about 7 budgets and accounting.
Thing about communication with 8 mayors.
9 Agricultural Land Law (1952 law 229th. Say "law" as follows; is thing about).
Thing about 10 civil affair arbitration law (1951 law 222nd).
Thing about improvement of mediation about rationalization of 11 farmings and use relations, prevention of dispute and farmland circumstances.
Thing about proposal report that agriculture committee performs about matter about the establishment of comprehensive plan of 12 agriculture and enforcement.
Thing about investigation about 13 agriculture and spread business.
〒901-1195 686, Kanegusuku, Haebaru-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
Haebaru-cho agriculture committee
TEL: 098-889-4163 FAX: 098-889-7657