haerun information Haebaru-cho image character obtains

Character introduction

We introduce official character haerunto of character introduction Haebaru-cho, friend of vegetables★

Profile can consider that we click friend character of haerunto vegetables★

We can crawl
  • Thomas
  • Bitter gourd nini
  • byurikun
  • kyarorin
  • Green pepper prince
  • Onion boy

On haerun April 1, 2013, we were appointed from Haebaru-cho by "sightseeing ambassador". Took the sun in nature of Haebaru-cho brightly, and was brought up; is the end of spirit brightly; grow. It is run which becomes able to fly in the sky, and wants to publicize Haebaru in the whole country like "we fly Asato" who flapped in sky like bird in the late 18th century ♪ Haebaru-cho is Okinawa, and it is full pumpkin and sponge gourd, delicious thing including cloth with splashed pattern texture experience and to be fun though it does not only face Kazumi! Come to Haebaru-cho to play! Wait; and run♪

Tomato that tomato is bright red flies and jumps and is very fine. It is pretty girl loving fashion. Bitter gourd which bitter gourd is bitter, and is rugged is older brother of all to be able to rely on in strong people very much. "

Sponge gourd without sponge gourd refreshing habit is boy of character that is obedient, and is full of curiosity to be able to get along well with anyone. Carrot hates that carrot of child is made fun of with mini-carrot still more. It is spoilt child in mischief natives very much.

Green pepper with full of green pepper vitamin C is very popular with girls. It is boy who is cool, and is very cool. It is onion letting onion may be spiky, and person cry, but is more than anyone else actually strong kind boy of sense of justice. "