Bus  Monorail  Foot



2,530- yen 3,540 yen (about 20-30 minutes)

※Fare, time changes by medium size, small size, traffic condition.


[monorail bus]

[Naha Airport → Haebaru Cultural Center]

Naha Airport → Asahi Bridge (monorail) approximately ten minutes 260 yen

Asahi Bridge → Kanegusuku crossroads (route bus) approximately 25 minutes 330 yen

The kanegusuku crossroads → Haebaru Cultural Center (on foot) approximately 15 minutes


Bus via Haebaru (the kanegusuku crossroads)


Going to Toyo bus 37 Shinkai, Naha Line horse sky Office

Going to Toyo bus 38 will joy shop line will joy shop

100 Toyo bus 39 line     Going to Niihara beach

Toyo bus 40 Osato Line     shinkeiharadechoshoko comes

gaisenshinkeiharadechoshoko of margin with Toyo bus 41 comes


Bus route and route map



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