Course according to time

Two hours course: Delicious Haebaru course

3B burger

It is course trying out hamburger which was particular about Haebaru-cho, curry of sponge gourd from town, discerning cakes using fresh egg of company poultry farm. As we consider reliable safety of material, how about when it rotates with friend and child?


Three hours course: Great man and natural circulation course

Great man and natural circulation course

After having observed museum of Tetsuo Kinjo who played an active part as genius scriptwriter, it is earlier than the Wright brothers and is course that "flies, and does bird-watching in nagadou river over the flight monument of Asato" that is said to be when we challenged that we fly in the sky. It will be distance and that heart beats fast with naturally in downtown over difficulty of great men. 


Three hours course: Course that thinks about peace

Course that thinks about peace

It is course thinking about peace in thing around old battlefield including army Hospital moat in koganemori (koganemori) park some other time.

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