Traditional arts circulation course

Tsunahiki comes for shishimai and EISA, and various traditional arts are succeeded to every area in Haebaru-cho.
We are often performed in schedule in the fixed old calendar, and we are deep and we come and watch Haebaru full of life, and let's feel every year.

We pull rope of tukazan (tsukazan)

Tug of War in Tsukazan

We pull prefecture eminent magnificent rope

Coming is the grandeur, and tsunahiki of tukazan is famous in Okinawa.

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We pull rope of kyan (kyan)

Tsunahiki of kyan

Fight with real swords that we are divided into (monchu) under the gate

We distribute area, and organization does not appear and is reason divided into east and west by family, or, as for the competition of rope, spirit is extremely prosperous.

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We pull rope of teruya (teruya)

Tsunahiki of teruya

"Tsunahiki performed with art of stick fighting and set comes"

We can divide tsunahiki kiga line by teruya on June 26 in the old calendar.

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We pull rope of kanegusuku (kanegusuku)

Tsunahiki of kanegusuku

We pull traditional rope which revived wonderfully

We put up aza (aza) in kanegusuku on June 25 and 26th of the next day in the old calendar from old days, and tsunahiki kiga line is broken.

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Shishimai of kyan (kyan)

Shishimai of kyan

Shishimai the skill that revived worth seeing

Shishimai which was played for more than 100 years

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Shishimai of motobu (motobu)

Shishimai of motobu

"Classic shishimai which lasts 200 years"

Venerable shishimai which can date back to "legend of motobu Akamine" of the nao顥o (carry chase in this way) times

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Shishimai of miyahira (miyahira)

Shishimai of miyahira

"Shishimai which is inherited through war"

Shishimai which bond with emigrant that lion of the second generation was donated by volunteer of miyahira person resident in Hawaii tells.

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Shishimai of kamizato (kamizato)

Shishimai of miyahira

Shishimai which is got close to in "play Shiisa" area

Model is forgotten in kamizato and there is not hit dance, but local is got close as "play Shiisa".

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