Folkcraft circulation course

Village, Haebaru-cho of kasuri (cloth with splashed pattern). Many studios gather and take a walk through "kasuriload" and will peep at possible process of kasuri! We can realize greatness pleasure splendor of handwork of person some other time when we look at kasuri textile formed by hand of craftsman.

①Ryukyukasuri hall

Ryukyukasuri hall

Place of folkcraft ryukyukasuri dispatch of Okinawa

In Haebaru-cho that is chief producing center of ryukyukasuri, we perform spread activity and sale. Because there is experience-based corner, it is perfect spot learning folkcraft ryukyukasuri of Okinawa.

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②Kasuriload "kasuriload"


Let's sense wind of village of ryukyukasuri bodily

It is kasuriload "kasuriload" that it is dotted with studio or thread interest (pasting tension stretching) places of ryukyukasuri which is folkcraft of Okinawa, and can take a walk through motobu happily.

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③Ijungaa Spring

Ijungaa Spring

ijunga which ex-motobu (motobu) inhabitants of a ward gather happily, and rests

It was precious water source of inhabitants, but is maintained before as now local oasis where water supply developed.

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④Thread tension (pasting tension stretching) place

Places for Starching and Stretching Threads

One workshop of process of ryukyukasuri

Thread tension (pasting tension stretching) place is installed in the outdoors along kasuriload and can observe state of work of pasting tension stretching and kasuri binding of thread if timing is correct.


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