Peace learning circulation course

Much moat was made during World War II, and, in Haebaru, it was including army Hospital moat which became stage of the movie "Tower of Himeyuri" in the site of a hard-fought battle.
We touch real old battlefield and can do "bodily sensation" after having learned "knowledge" about the Battle of Okinawa in peace learning circulation course.

①Koganemori (koganemori) park | The Haebaru Imperial Japanese Army Hospital Cave No.20

Koganemori park Okinawa army Hospital Haebaru moat group 20

Hospital moat which became stage of movie "red star lily tower"

In hospital moat group which the Himeyuri students which is main character of the movie "Tower of Himeyuri" was embedded with as the nursing assistance personnel required, we come to be able to actually observe the inside.

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②Koganemori (koganemori) park | Meshiage-no-Michi (Road for Food Procurement)

Koganemori park meal ageno way

Severe way for food procurement

Food of Okinawa army Hospital Haebaru moat group 20 climbed koganemori (koganemori) and had to go the distance of approximately 800m to kitchen which we went down more, and there was in village through the side of Haebaru Cultural Center.

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③Haebaru Cultural Center | Battle of Okinawa zone of Haebaru

Haebaru Cultural Center (Haebaru Town during the Battle of Okinawa Zone)

Museum which can understand movement of the Battle of Okinawa widely

By the one "Battle of Okinawa of Haebaru-cho of permanent construction display zone in Haebaru Cultural Center," state and patient whom the bed lines up inside of Okinawa army Hospital Haebaru moat group 20 give lying state and meal, and state of (food procurement to moat) is reproduced realistically.

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④Tower of ireikiwa (ireikiwa)

Ireikiwa-no-to, War Memorial

We worship Haebaru townsman who was sacrificed by the Battle of Okinawa

Tower of ireikiwa is memorial service monument built next to Haebaru Cultural Center.

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⑤Okinawa Archives Building

Okinawa Archives Building

Archives Building which Okinawa opened in 1995

We can read valuable document, and display is carried out, too.

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