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We take up interesting topic of Haebaru-cho.

There was Ryukyuan who flew in the sky earlier than the Wright brothers?

Fly; Asato

"Fly; is told that Asato" succeeded in flight earlier than the Wright brothers

Great man of Haebaru told to have succeeded in manned flight before the Wright brothers, replica of 1/2 scale of wing which "we fly, and Asato" (tobiasato) actually used are displayed by Haebaru-cho government office built newly.


Is ultra man from Haebaru-cho?

Tetsuo Kinjo

Biological parent, Tetsuo Kinjo of ultra man that native district is proud of

Ultra man that anyone knows from child to adult. It is late Tetsuo Kaneshiro from Tsukazan, Haebaru-cho (tsukazan) to have dealt with script, the supervision of ultra man series.


Is it true when we eat sponge gourd in Okinawa?

nabera saute

In Haebaru, production of edible sponge gourds is number one in Japan! nabera (sponge gourd) is the material of the beauty and health

Amount of production of edible sponge gourd is what proud of Japanese one to Haebaru-cho. There are many shops handling delicious sponge gourd dishes.
(photograph fries nabera)

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