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Dream of flying in the sky in the far previous Ryukyu Heian period when the Wright brothers let power flight succeed, and is actually hi bukotogadekitauchinanchugairu. They fly, and parent and child called Asato repeat trial and error for two generations, and it is said that we succeeded in flight from Takatsu Kayama at last.


yasurishu* was skilled pyrotechnician of Ryukyu royal family order. It was so rich, but we emigrate to Haebaru-cho from Shuri of Naha and we give wife lifeline from Takatsu Kayama in tukazan and try flight many times. Wing of shu* is plain thing made such as kite, and, in shu* failing in flight experiment many times, people of the circumference "are odd people." We said, "it is sure that we flew in impossibility." severally. However, it is said that shu* said to it like "is it thing that is how better than we are not going to do from the beginning even if we try and fail?." and favorite phrase. shu* did not have that we flew in the sky realized after all, but people worshiped passion and effort for flying of shu* later and "they flew and came to call shu* with Asato" without whom. Tradition called this remains.

yasurishusaga is born as four men of yasurishu*. We inherited the will of the deceased of father who dreamed of flying in the sky and repeated trial and error like father many times and succeeded in flying at last. His wing was structure which flapped with leg power as assistance with elasticity of bow. It was said that there were 4m in total length, wingspread 9m, size of overall height 2m, and, as for the framework, common Japanese bamboo was the main material. We are told that pinion was used for a part. Design which we wrote of shusaga was introduced into descendant, but all has been already lost in destruction by fire by aged deterioration and fire as of prewar days. We fly, and descendant of direct descendant of Asato is emigrating to Hawaii after emigration now in Okinawa-shi from Haebaru.

When reached in the present age though succeed in the world's first manned flight without coming into the limelight, but "world airmen fly, and Asato 200 years exhibition" is held in Okinawa Mitsukoshi in 1987, of spotlight came to-like. We spoke in venue and 3,000 or more arrived and it was taken up to broadcast, various magazines on TV in the whole country and won popularity. Student of Okinawa technical high school made in venue; flew, and replica of wing of Asato was displayed, and radio control and model, commemorative stamp were released. Replica which Okinawa industry high school student made succeeded in flight of real 40-50m.

Haebaru-cho government office

"We fly and can see replica of wing of Asato!"

Replica of 1/2 scale of wing which great man of Haebaru told to have succeeded in manned flight before the Wright brothers flies to Haebaru-cho government office built newly, and Asato actually used is displayed. We have frameworks in common Japanese bamboo, and cloth is put on feather part. We can make wisdom and effort of great man of Okinawa into is excellent, making as I hardly think that we design in the Heian period and were made in one of eyes. Size of wing is approximately 3m and is force to hardly think of to be 1/2 scale.


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